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Defect report

Defect Report

Our advanced sensor technology identifies the train in which you are travelling, then communicates with transport operators, resolving your issue quickly, for a better journey.

Passenger assist

Passenger Assist


Passenger Assist is the perfect tool for those who require specific assistance at train stations. Use our app to send your exact location to staff at train stations, who will locate you quickly – just press one button and help comes to you. No trouble. No effort. Just assistance.

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Share your experience.

Improve the journey.

Passenger Assist

No trouble. No effort.

Just assistance.

Coming soon.
Pa phones
Pa phones mobile

Passenger Assist

No trouble. No effort.

Just assistance.

Coming soon.

Democratising Transport

Transreport – smart apps that allow you, the passenger, to have control of any issues affecting your journey experience. Whether you’re bothered by a broken toilet, your train being too hot or too cold, or some offensive graffiti, all you need to do is take a picture and the Defect Report app does the rest. If it’s assistance you require as part of any specific needs, use Transreport Passenger Assist for a more inclusive journey experience.

Our latest technology allows us to inform transport operators of your precise location, down to the exact train carriage, along with your reports and requests. All that’s left for you to do is wait to see your concerns positively resolved at the push of a button.

At Transreport, we believe that people influence change, every opinion matters and that passengers should have a voice. Our vision is to democratise transport. Through our smart apps, your issues, concerns and requirements are instantly and accurately presented to transport operators, quite simply, for a better journey.

3 ideas. 2 apps. 1 purpose.

for a better journey

We believe that people influence change. Passenger opinions matter.

That is why we created Transreport. Once partnered, transport operators will meet your requirements through our apps, for a better journey.


Collaborate. Cooperate. Co-create.

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