passenger being pushed through the airport in a wheelchair with a blue reflective background of the windows in the airport

Airport Accessibility Audit

Airport Accessibility Audit

Is your airport committed to providing inclusive services for disabled and older passengers?

As a sought-after service, our complimentary audit has been designed to provide airports a structured approach to evaluating accessibility management and culture. It offers a continuous path of improvement, allowing airports to identify areas where they can make necessary adjustments to ensure that older and disabled passengers have equal access to air travel.

We understand when it comes to accessibility it is not one size fits all. That is why our auditors will always be carried out by somebody who identifies as disabled or be accompanied by somebody with lived experience in order to conduct a thorough assessment.

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We will highlight areas that that may pose barriers or challenges in facilities, services, and processes. As an integral component of our audit process, we can evaluate the airport’s accessibility for specific impairments by incorporating insights from our accessibility panel, which consists of members with a diverse range of accessibility needs who are instrumental in shaping the way the Passenger Assistance app works.

We offer a range of services that range from comprehensive reports to ‘walk around’ sessions where we can identify solutions for you to remove barriers. We will provide actionable recommendations and solutions to remove barriers and create accessible solutions tailored to the unique needs of your airport and passengers.

Improving accessibility at airports is not only a matter of legal and ethical responsibility, but it also makes good business sense. Accessible airports can attract a larger customer base, including older and disabled passengers, and families with young children. It can also enhance the overall travel experience for all passengers and contribute to creating a more inclusive society where people travel more frequently for business or leisure.

The Airport Accessibility Audit offers many benefits to both passengers and airports worldwide:

  • Support Airports in adopting established best practices and recommendations including those outlined in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  • Provide a safe and positive travel experience for passengers by enhancing access to airport facilities.
  • Unlock the potential spending power of disabled customers and their household which continues to increase and is currently estimated to be worth £274 billion per year to UK businesses.
  • Promote and highlight inclusive culture by showcasing the airport’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Avoid any potential litigation or negative PR by ensuring the airport is accessible and inclusive as possible.