passenger being pushed through the airport in a wheelchair with a blue reflective background of the windows in the airport

Greater efficiency and a superior travel experience

Our Technology

Our technology and app has revolutionised the way passengers book and receive assistance.

Thousands of disabled and older passengers have benefited from reduced wait times and an improved overall travel experience thanks to our Passenger Assistance technology. 

We are now expanding our technology to the aviation sector and we are excited to bring our expertise to airports around the world. Our technology is more than PRM assistance software, it empowers passengers by offering flexibility and comprehensive information for organising their assisted travel with confidence.

Our mission is to make travel more accessible and inclusive for everyone, and we achieve this through the power of technology and collaboration.

Our Promise

We have designed our passenger assistance software for airports, airlines and passengers. Integrating all elements of the service delivery process, improving customer satisfaction, increasing profits, and streamlining processes.

Our cutting-edge Passenger Assistance software has been specifically designed to assist airports in complying with the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) framework of assisting passengers with reduced mobility. By implementing our technology, you can ensure that your operations remain fully compliant with your service quality standards and performance can be easily measured, robustly reported and reviewed regularly as outlined by the CAA.

Our Expertise

We regularly host an aviation accessibility panel, which consists of disabled campaigners, activists, and high-profile spokespeople. This allows us to better understand the barriers to accessible travel and receive ongoing feedback about our products, aligned with the experiences people are having.

We are proud to be at the forefront of this industry. By addressing big-picture problems and providing a comprehensive solution, we are delivering greater efficiency for the aviation sector and a superior travel experience for all passengers

Our Collaboration

Join us in our mission to transform the aviation industry and improve airport PRM assistance.

Contact us to learn more about our technology and how we can work together to create a more inclusive and accessible future for air travel.

We offer a airport accessibility audit to help you understand the connection between optimised processes, positive customer experience, safety, security, and accessibility.

Partner with us and create a more inclusive passenger assistance service today.