Transreport sets out to make good use of the endless possibilities that technology gives us. We aim to improve the travel experience for all users, one step at a time. 

Back in 2017, our founder Jay found himself in a conversation with a disabled person, a conversation that opened his eyes to the struggles that disabled people face when travelling. Beyond checking train times, he discovered that disabled passengers have so much to take into account before starting their journeys. Many people campaigned across social media to raise awareness of these issues to the wider general public, but these problems were occurring too often. So Jay decided to look into this and began creating his own solution for these issues. This is how the Passenger Assistance app was created, and the rest is now history. As more and more valuable and skilled team members join the team, Transreport continues to grow in size every day, new goals are achieved and more journeys are improved for the wider public.

Group photo of the Transreport team, a diverse group of people including men and women from all races and ages

The Passenger Assistance app

With a mission to ensure that transport is accessible to all, Transreport developed an app that allows disabled people to pre-book assistance for their rail journeys. Through working with an accessibility panel it was clear how much-disabled people had to pre-plan for their everyday journeys and how much time they had to dedicate to this. We wanted to create a solution that would give them more independence and improve their experience with transport, starting with rail. The technology that our team has developed has meant that disabled passengers now have a more consistent booking experience. Many real-life journeys using the app recorded across social media have shown how it has helped disabled people find comfort in both travelling alone and travelling by rail.

Our SQR system

In 2018, the Service Quality Regime (SQR) was introduced by the Department for Transport to improve customer service across the UK rail network. Complying with these requirements quickly became difficult for many of the UK’s railway operators. That’s where Transreport came in, our team came up with their own compatible SQR system to address specific changes that operators such as East Midlands Railway and West Midlands Trains couldn’t keep up with. Using our system, these train operators managed to achieve many things such as large financial benefits, improving customer satisfaction and better performance monitoring. 

So what’s next? Well, we don’t plan to stop there! Transreport’s goal is to expand our technology solutions into every mode of transport whether that be plane, coach or bus, in the UK and beyond. We are also fast approaching the launch of our Passenger Assistance web app, meaning users can now pre-book assistance online without the app, which expands the accessibility of our existing assistance product. With our teams growing quickly, there’s huge potential for so much to be achieved at the company and we’re so excited for what the future holds. We will continue to innovate and bring new ideas to the table to create a brighter future for the transport industry. Watch out for us!

“Since launching in the UK, we have received the most incredible stories from users of the Passenger Assistance app who have travelled freely, often for the first time, to visit family, enjoy days out and get to work. Seemingly normal journeys for many, but full of complexities and anxieties for the disabled community.

Transreport’s purpose is to enable everyone globally to make journeys freely with comfort and ease.”

– Jay Shen, Managing Director

Photo of Jay, a Chinese man wearing a white shirt and with black short hair.