Find Out More About Transreport. A Leading Accessibility Technology Company. Learn More About Our History, Purposes And Beliefs.

Jay Shen, an asian man with short black hair, and CEO of Transreport, smiling and facing the camera wearing a white t-shirt and black blazer.

Jay Shen

“My passion for accessibility came from being inspired by the Social Model that says people are disabled by the world around them, not by their impairment or disability. I wanted to use technology to break down many of the systemic barriers that makes travel harder for disabled people.

At Transreport, we believe that everyone should be able to travel spontaneously and have the independence, confidence and flexibility to go where they want, when they want.

Our Passenger Assistance App makes booking assistance easy and simple, and our technology helps travel hubs to deliver effective and appropriate assistance to those who need it.”

Waleed Ahmed, a man with curly black hair, and the COO of Transreport, facing the camera, wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and purple tie.

Waleed Ahmed

“My focus is on the tangible delivery of our solutions. We understand that in the travel sector, reliability, efficiency and customer service are paramount - and as such, our team is dedicated to ensuring our technology empowers businesses globally to provide seamless and accessible experiences for all their customers.

To support our growing global presence, we're actively expanding our team and infrastructure, as well as investing in localising our products.

Our solutions are robust, scalable and easy to implement, and we work closely through strategic partnerships to ensure that our technology meets the specific needs of our clients and their customers.”

Our purposes and beliefs are at the heart of everything

At the heart of Transreport’s ethos is a passion and commitment for opening up the world to all, through travel. Our team is constantly looking for ways to use the latest technology to enhance travel experiences. We innovate and bring new ideas to the table to create a brighter future for the transport industry.


Our mission is to improve the travel experience for all customers


Our ethos is a passion and commitment for opening up the world for all


Our team is always striving for ways to use the latest technology to enhance travel experiences


Our innovation creates new ideas for a brighter future in the transport industry