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Our SQR System

Our Service Quality Regime (SQR) system is a comprehensive solution designed to provide train operating companies with essential functionalities and features to monitor and manage faults within their stations or trains.

The system’s key functionality lies in its ability to track reported faults in real-time, ensuring operators have visibility of any issues that may arise. When a fault is reported, the system automatically informs relevant members of staff, enabling efficient fault resolution and reducing any potential downtime.

  • Centralised Data Hub
  • Rectification Performance Monitoring
  • Real-Time Reporting & Alerts
  • Clear & Accurate Reporting to the DfT
A man wearing a hard hat and high visibility vest, holding an open laptop computer.

The system incorporates clear deadlines for fault rectification, as mandated by the auditor, ensuring that train operating companies adhere to strict timelines for issue resolution.

This feature instils accountability and promotes a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs, helping companies avoid potential penalties or non-compliance risks. With its comprehensive fault reporting and management system, the SQR system empowers train operating companies to maintain the highest standards of safety, reliability and efficiency in their operations.

A desktop computer screen showing a dashboard highlighting reported faults, issues and rectifications across several train station locations.

Additional technology solutions in our SQR ecosystem include Planned General Inspections, an internal auditing system that enables train companies to schedule, undertake and review inspections at various locations, as well the ability to log and report any discovered defects.

We have also created a Cleaning Management App, tailored to the needs of train & rail cleaning staff, which focuses on digitising and expediting the cleaning process at stations. Both of these systems feature detailed reporting and offer clear operational oversight for managers and senior staff.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

East Midlands Railway saw an increase in customer satisfaction at their stations following their adoption of our technology.

Increased Rectifications & SQR Scores

West Midlands Trains saw a 30% increase in rectifications and a 25% increase in SQR scores by using our technology.

Net Promoter Score Increase

East Midlands Railway experienced a 34 point increase in their Net Promoter Score as a result of adopting our technology.

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