Real-time reporting and reduced rectification fines

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Our SQR System

Boosting SQR scores, streamlining processes and improving customer experience.

In 2018 when the Service Quality Regime (SQR) was introduced by the Department for Transport to improve customer service, many train operators struggled to comply with the requirements. Linking together all of the necessary data and tackling faults quickly became a real challenge. Transreport’s custom-built SQR system addresses these issues and allows for bespoke real-time reporting aligned with DfT requirements, resulting in large financial benefits for train operators.

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A system that increases rectifications, improves customer satisfaction, boosts team morale and provides clear and timely reporting to the DfT.

Our case studies

What our customers say

  • “Without Transreport, we weren’t able to rectify some of our faults within a 24-hour timeline. Now we’ve got a centralised dashboard where we’re seeing data in real-time, and that is absolutely key to us being able to meet the SQR requirements.”

    Emma Davis

    Customer Experience Strategy Manager, East Midlands Railway

  • “Before the Transreport SQR system, we had a six-person triage team just to deal with SQR issues, with everything being managed via email and lots of separate reporting systems. It was a really intense process that was very laborious, open to a lot of errors, and it quickly became overwhelming. We were missing things that hadn’t been emailed properly, or emailed within the right timescale, and it was a constant battle from start to finish.”

    Nathan Johnson

    Customer Strategy Insight Manager, West Midlands Trains

  • “Working with the Transreport team is an incredibly innovative, creative and collaborative process. They really are a team who look at all the possibilities and fully consider what that future holds for the rail industry.”

    Ian McLaren

    Chief Financial Officer, Govia Thameslink Railway

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